This is only department due to which we have been able to get such a strong customer base, over the time we have developed a unique three tier quality checkup system.

Our checking team start working with the inward of wood, First team checks the wood for its quality , then selected wood goes to our manufacturing department there again a separate team checks the items as soon as get completed, then a third team checks the packing quality of items. The work is allotted to all the checking teams on the random basis and 3-4 experienced supervisors are part of all the checking teams.

In this way we achieve a high quality at every point of manufacturing.


A Foreign Buyer Checking the Quality and WIP

Antique Dark Honey Light
Antique Finish Dark Brown Finish Honey Finish Light Brown Finish
Natural Rustic Teak Walnut
Natural Finish Rustic Finish Teak Finish Walnut Finish